Bobular Wong (A.K.A. Bob) is originally from Hong Kong. He moved to the U.S. with his parents when he was young. Deeply inspired by Stephen Chow, he decided to become an actor at 14. 

Bob graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.A in Theatre Arts - Acting for Camera in 2009 and moved to Los Angeles in 2012. In his acting career, he got cast in multiple feature films, such as film directed by Emmy Nominated director. Also, he got cast in 
commercials, prints and voice over projects. In addition, he hosted a talk show in the most popular Cantonese TV station in Los Angeles.


In 2016, he moved back to Hong Kong to purse his career in acting. ..


星叡畢業於內華達大學拉斯維加斯分校,主修戲劇 - 螢幕演出,並於2009年獲得學士學位。其後搬遷到洛杉磯,曾參於數部電影,當中包括艾美獎提名導演的作品,另外還有大型超市廣告、平面廣告與配音工作,同時他亦於中文電視台擔當主持一職。



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